Northern Valley Earth Fair
Northern Valley Earth Fair

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Are there any rules on what kind of exhibits/activities are allowed?

A: All exhibits and activities must relate to an Earth Day Theme as this is an Earth Day celebration. We are looking for the following exhibits, products, services or businesses to be represented at our event (list is not all-inclusive):

-earth friendly/green/sustainable

-alternative energy or fuel

-energy saving products or services

-organic food/products/services

-domestic/wild animal education or rescue services

-agricultural/farm/CSA/community garden related

-green/hybrid/high MPG motor vehicles

Registrations for exhibits and activities that do not relate to an Earth Day Theme will be returned. If you are unsure about whether your exhibit/activity qualify, email us at



Q: Are there other guidelines for exhibits, activities or sales?

A: Yes:

  • We highly encourage the use of reusable and recyclable decorations and display materials.

  • Printed event materials (brochures, flyers, etc.) are allowed however participants are encouraged to help us better meet our “Sustainability” goal by limiting the # of handouts or by using earth friendly or recyclable materials with such documents/articles.

  • Participants are asked to refrain from using microphones, speakers, or amplified music unless permission is granted.

  • Participants are also asked to refrain from selling or distributing plastic water bottles or nonrecyclable food/drink containers.

  • This is an earth friendly event- no smoking, balloons, etc. will be permitted.

  • Registrations will not be accepted unless all applicable items are sent in together by Friday, April 5, 2019, and subsequently approved. This includes the Hold Harmless Agreement and Certificate of Insurance!

  • Participants may sell merchandise/services at the event as long as items were disclosed on the Registration Form and the form approved (i.e. permission from the NV Earth Fair Planning Committee was granted). Sales tax certificates must be prominently displayed.

  • Participants are expected to stay for the duration of the event unless arrangements have been made with the NV Earth Fair Planning Committee in advance.

  • All participants are expected to leave the premises in good/same condition as before the exhibit was presented and will be responsible for disposing of any generated trash. This will help encourage a zero-waste event (“Carry-in/carry-out” policy with regard to exhibit materials or decorations).



Q: What are some suggestions for a successful exhibit or activity?

A: Participants are encouraged to have engaging displays and activities, provide informative resource materials, and share with fair visitors how your exhibit or activity contributes to the fair’s theme. Also remember:

  • Kid friendly and/or hands on activities are especially welcome and will encourage fair visitors to linger longer at your booth!

  • To the extent possible, your displays and activities are encouraged to appeal to fair visitors from different local towns and even out-of-state.



Q: How much space will I have to set up a table, tent or display?

A: Space will be standard fair measurements and will accommodate a 10 X 10 tent. If you require more space, respond with specifics to the question “Special Requests” on the NV Earth Fair Registration Form.  Spaces are not pre-assigned; they are assigned as you arrive.  If you are assigned to a space on grass, no tent stakes or pegs are permitted.     



Q: Do I have to bring my own chairs, table(s) and/or tents for the event?

A: YES...tents, tables and chairs are NOT provided. A limited number of tables and chairs are available for non-profits.



Q: Can I register the day of the event?

A: No. Each participant should have completed the registration process in advance of the fair, including submission of a Hold Harmless Agreement and Certificate of Insurance. To allow time for these documents to be processed and approved, including by the sponsoring town, they must be received by no later than April 5, 2019. All participants will need to check-in prior to set up to confirm advance receipt and approval of all documents. No exceptions will be made and failure to submit all documents will prohibit one from participating or exhibiting at NV Earth Fair.


Registrations will be approved on a first come, first received basis. Therefore, we encourage you not to delay submitting your registration form and accompanying documents. Due to space restrictions, we may need to return your registration form and documents to you.



Q: Can I donate goods or services in exchange for a sponsorship level?

A: Yes! If you have an event related service or activity that you can provide or help us with, please contact us at about donating this in exchange for a sponsorship level.



Q: Can I send in my NV Earth Fair Registration Form and Hold Harmless Agreement initially and then send my Certificate of Insurance at a later time?

A: No. All required documents must be sent at the same time. This is to better facilitate the processing and approval steps performed by Planning Committee volunteers. Therefore in this example, please secure the Certificate of Insurance first, then send in all the required documents together. Thank you for your cooperation.



Q: Where can I see photos and other information on the event?

A: On this website!



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