Northern Valley Earth Fair
Northern Valley Earth Fair

We look forward to planning our next fair.  Please see our homepage for more information.    Here is our schedule of Music & and Dance from Earth Fair 2019:

11:00 am - Paula Newman, opening song ("Big Yellow Taxi")

11:05 am - Richie Olivera, pan flute performance

12:05 pm - Technix, beatbox champion

12:15 pm - Welcome (Tenafly Mayor Peter Rustin, Green Team Chair John Warms)

12:30 pm - Thunderbird American Indian Dancers

1:30 pm - Jaliyo Kafo, traditional Gambian kora and balafon music from West Africa

3:00 pm - Conservatory of Performing Arts (music and dance)

3:30 pm - Nikki Manx Dance Project

See below for more information

Paula Newman

Paula is lead vocalist for local band The Knightcrawlers, and is known to many in the community as owner of Paula’s Yoga. She opens the fair with Joni Mitchell’s 1970 classic, “Big Yellow Taxi.”

Richie Olivera - Pan Flute Player

Richie is a Peruvian musician now living in New Jersey. He plays instrumental music with native South American instruments, Andean flutes.

Technix, beatbox champion

At the age of 15, Aiden Hirsh is already of veteran of a number of human beatboxing competitions. Beatboxing is a form of vocal percussion that grew out of hiphop culture and was popularized during the '80s by artists like Doug E. Fresh and Darren “Buffy” Robinson.

Thunderbird American Indian Dancers

Founded in 1963 by descendents of the Mohawk, Hopi, Winnegabo, and San Blas tribes, the Thunderbird American Indian Dancers are the oldest Native American dance company in the New York area.

The company’s founding members were all “first generation,” meaning that their parents had been born on reservations, and they formed the troupe in order to preserve the traditions, songs, and dances learned from their parents.

Jaliyo Kafo, traditional Gambian kora and balafon music from West Africa

Salieu Suso is the leader of Jaliya Kafo, the Extended Family music ensemble. Salieu was born into a family of farmers, griots, traditional musicians, and historians, in Gambia, West Africa. As a child, he was trained to play the 21-stringed kora by his father, a renowned kora player. For his 2019 Earth Fair performance he will be joined by Ebrima Jassey on balafon.


Conservatory of Performing Arts

This performance will feature a variety of dance styles as well as costumes that demonstrate creativity through upcycling and re-use.

Nikki Manx Dance Project

Under the direction of Nicole Mahncke, the company advocates for environmental sustainability and social justice. During the 2019 Earth Fair, the ensemble will perform “Keep It in the Ground,” with live original poetry and dance.

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